I am waiting for winter!

I awoke this morning, hoping to hook up a team. Thermometer was telling me it was +14 degrees at 6am. Another day off for the doggies, they are so ready to go to work!

This day ended up being one of record warm temperatures. We did the dog chores and then I dewormed ALL dogs, except Frenchy who looked at me and decided that he rather keep his. (worms that is!) Oh well, I’ll catch him later.

I took my “capitols” for a walk.  Paris, Cairo, Moscow, Oslo, Lima and Paris. Stockholm did not come with us, she is still not feeling good. I ended up taking her to the vet on friday, she had an infected salivary gland and are now eating antibiotics for 2 weeks. She has a huge lump under her ear. Poor girl.

In the afternoon I took my big boy puppies, Yksi, Kaksi and Kolme for a run with the quad. We go right by a beaverdam where we stop. They love swimming! Yksi is even retreiving sticks that I throw him! Maybe he is not a sled dog? He is a very fat puppy, maybe he is a labrador?? Well time will tell. He is certainly loveable.

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